Wood Fence


Wood Fencing is a very popular fence for many homes, and if taken proper care, can last a long time even in Arizona. For homes that no other type of fence will do, wood fencing by Arizona Fence Builders is second to none. We install all types of wood fencing in many Arizona cities and can repair or replace your wood fence with quality craftsmanship and materials. Give us a call for a free quote on your wood fence today.

Wood Fencing and Gates

Wood fencing repair and installation takes a skilled craftsmen and fence installer to give your wood fence a quality look. Let price not be the only determining factor. Know the product you are paying for. We are very competitive on our fence pricing and will always provide you a free quote and outline our complete estimate of repairs and / or replacement. We will also work with your insurance company if you have a claim for a damaged fence.

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Arizona Fence Builders Craftsmen In Phoenix Metro Area Quality Fence Contractors

Wood Fence Craftsmen

Arizona Fence Builders top craftsmen specialize in uniquely designed wood fence products,. We can custom design any wood fencing or gates for your home or business. Let us be your wood fence guys! Arizona Fence Builders has generations of experience in the manufacturing of leading design wood fencing, railings and gates.

  1. Quality Cedar- there are different grades of cedar. Buyer beware of companies that are passing off an inferior grade for a premium grade. Buyer beware of companies that sell their “all cedar” fence that has been fabricated with spruce back rails. If you are an uneducated consumer you would not know, but your fence will- as it will not last.
  2. Know that the company you choose is insured, licensed, and willing to stand behind their work with a warranty.
  3. Take the time to check them out. A little time could make a difference.
  4. Know the difference between doweled assembly versus toe-screwed assembly.
  5. Finally, ask questions. Familiarize yourself with the company you choose to do your fence project. Let price not be the only determining factor. Know the product you are paying for. In the end you do get what you pay for.