Block Wall Fencing


Block Fencing is a popular type of fence in Arizona with the high heat climate it will last longer than most other type of fencing if installed correctly. It can be used in conjunction with other fencing materials and types, like wrought iron, wood and even vinyl. Block can also be designed and engineered for retaining walls that also can act as a fence or become part of a fence for your property. Arizona Fence Builders can incorporate block wall fencing for most any type of project you may have for your home or property.

Block Wall, Fences and Entry Gates

Concrete blocks have been a popular building material for over a century. With versatility & architectural freedom, concrete blocks are the perfect choice for outdoor living spaces, landscaping, fencing commercial buildings and even residential builds.

Arizona Fence Builders… it’s our goal to provide you with a wide range of products to suit your every need. Our experienced sales team is available to assist you in product selection and can help you with all aspects of your fence project. Whether you are a business, architect or homeowner, we are here to assist you in every way. We use only the finest products and offer a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Masonry hardscaping products, fencing materials, gates and so much more…


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Block Fence Types

Customers can find a vast selection of artisan quality concrete masonry units in a number of different styles, colors and textures including. Whether you are building a retaining wall, expanding your outdoor living space, or building a new home, you’ll find the best selection of split face block, fence block, scored block and precision block to complete the job.

Arizona Fence Builders is a fencing contractor who specializes in custom designed block walls and retaining block walls.There are many kinds and types of retaining walls ranging from decorative garden walls to engineered retaining walls. Retaining walls are commonly designed to hold back soil to prevent down-slope movement or erosion.

Retaining walls are constructed with reinforced concrete block or cast concrete or Shotcrete.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls: Are constructed by using reinforced concrete blocks which are reinforced with steel and then filled with concrete.   Shotcrete Retaining Wall. This is dependent upon the need and will be specified in plans with proper reinforcing steel and then filled with concrete. We can design the type of wall or block fence you need, just give us a call…