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Your fence provides both aesthetic value and practical safety and security for your home. On the other hand a badly planned and poorly built fence can be an eyesore to you and your neighbors. With wood fencing, chain link fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron, pool fencing and other options, it can be difficult to choose which type is best for your home. Believe it or not, it might just save you more money if you just let a professional handle the laborious task instead of doing it all by yourself. We are your affordable fence installer option, and will guarantee our work.

Choose the right fence for you, weather a home owner or a commercial business, ask yourself first, ‘Why do you want or need fencing for?’ Is it for keeping your kids or pets within your yard or is it for privacy reasons? DO you need to secure a pool area with a safety pool fence? Is it for keeping neighborhood dogs out or is it just for plain aesthetics? Remember that a well-constructed fence too can add value to your property or diminish its value depending on the kind of fencing you add to it, or if it is not done correctly.

Generally, front yard fences require more consideration than backyard fence options. Traditional picket wood looks good in front yards and can also provide a structural backdrop to your garden of flowering or ornamental plants. For privacy, wood fence often does best but aluminum fencing is also a good attractive option. It also requires less maintenance.

If pet or kids’ containment is your primary goal though, it won’t matter much how the fence will look as long as it can keep your kids and/or pets contained. The same fence also keeps neighbor’s kids and/or pets out of your yard. Just consider the child’s or animal’s propensity to get through the fence. Here is a summary of the other most common types of fencing available:

Vinyl/composite: Classified by clean, even lines, in most cases, these options give you a longer warranty than other kinds of materials. It is cost-effective and easy to maintain — no sealing or painting and staining required. Block/Brick/Masonry wall: This provides the highest degree of safety and privacy although expensive. This is the most appropriate choice for more stately properties and/or homes in rather historic neighborhoods.

Metals (Wrought iron/Aluminum/Steel): These are low-maintenance and highly aesthetic although expensive. They are an ideal choice especially if you want to maintain your views aside from erecting a boundary around your property. (Wood Retaining walls): This is probably the most common type for traditional-looking styles. The life span of wood though varies from 10 to 15 years depending on how well or how regularly you maintain it. It requires frequent cleaning, painting/staining, and sealing. Bamboo is one of the most recent hypes because it is beautiful and environment friendly. In choosing the right fencing for you, it is important to consider one that fits your preferred purpose, taste, and even your area’s climate. Choosing one also depends on your budget.

Arizona Fence Builders LLC. Can help you in making the right decision for your new fence, or we can help you with needed repairs. We will help you figure the long-term cost of your fencing as well as its return on investment. How much security and privacy it can offer along with its maintenance. We also recommend talking with your neighbors when installing a new fence, as they can help with part of the expense in many cases, plus you will want to insure good neighbor fencing for the long term. While you have every right to put up a fence as long as it is within your property, your neighbor may not approve of it so much because of several factors.

For instance, one of the “etiquette’s of fence building” is that no matter how good your goal is for having a new fence built, the smooth side of the fence should be made to face away from your yard. In other words, the good side of the fence should face your neighbor so that it does not become an eyesore to them.

With some fences though like chain link, this of course doesn’t apply, but if your fence has crossbars and posts, like most wooden wall fences do, then it has “inside” and “outside” surfaces. Your neighbor’s view should be the outside surface of your fence, the one that looks more pleasant or non-distracting. In fact, doing this will also benefit you as it prevents intruders from climbing over your fence by stepping on its supports. Lastly, as you put up a fence, remember that it is your responsibility to clean it and maintain it. If it already needs some repainting or if some slats already need changing or repairing, then don’t delay the job so it doesn’t bother your neighbors with an ugly view.

Regardless if you hire fence builders in Phoenix AZ or if you decide to just do it yourself, make sure to contact your local HOA or neighborhood association first to check if there are any restrictions to the height or type of fencing allowed in your area (or if there are specific procedures you need to follow for approval).  Also call 811 to avoid any buried utility lines. It’s also best to get a licensed contractor and first ensure that your fencing is maintained entirely within your property line. Building a fence requires hard work and also entails use of special tools and equipment. We can make the fence building process easy and pleasant along with our affordable pricing. Call us Today (602) 833-2400

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The Pool Safely campaign emphasizes the importance of installing barriers as you adopt water safety steps for residential and public pools and spas. We fabricate, build, install and repair pool gates and fences, we take our job seriously and want to make all pools safe and secure. A successful pool barrier prevents a child from getting over, under or through it to gain access to the pool or spa and Arizona Fence Builders can provide the proper pool fencing to meet and exceed necessary pool regulated fence systems that you can rest assured that you have the best pool fencing in the industry.


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